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Spending leisure time in Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is not just spa, springs and colonnades. In your free time you can visit many interesting places and enjoy a wide range of activities in Karlovy Vary or the nearby area.

Take a stroll in the spa forest

The forest of the Karlovy Vary spa is a rarity not found anywhere else. Walking along the forest pathways provides a number of interesting stops, gazebos and wonderful lookout spots out towards the Karlovy Vary spa town.

Visit the museum

In the Jan Becher Museum, you will learn about the history of world renowned liqueur, uncover the secrets of its production and of course taste the 13th spring of Karlovy Vary. 

The Moser Visitor Centre will inform you about its production of glass currently in use at various royal family tables across Europe and beyond.  You will explore the glassworks, try out the glass production blowpipe and witness hand painting and glass polishing.

In the Karlovy Vary Museum, you will glimpse the history of the town and discover everything from its early beginnings up to the spa movement.

Come to visit the Christmas House, a Czech invention. In this house, located within the beautiful realms of Doubí Chateau, Christmas never ends. Surround yourself with Christmas in the height of the summer and all that is related to this important holiday.


Hot Spring Underground - a route that will teach you something about the history of Karlovy Vary's thermal springs and the secret of production of traditional souvenirs from Karlovy Vary.

The crypt of the Church of Mary Magdalene - a tour of the cellar of the national cultural monument, the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, will provide insight into the history of this religious monument, as well as a unique altar made from the most valuable type of sinter (a pea stone) or the remains kept in the crypt and revealed during the construction of the church.


There are many sights to see in Karlovy Vary and the nearby area that should not be missed.

The Church of St. Mary Magdalene - the national cultural monument is the most valuable religious structure in Karlovy Vary. You can visit the church during organ concerts, which take place on a regular basis.

Emperor's Spa – another sight, which has been classified in the list of the national cultural monuments. The Emperor's Spa is one of a few structures of the famous Vienna-based architects Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer, which are still standing in Karlovy Vary.

The town and castle of Loket – the medieval castle associated inseparably with the legend of the discovery of Karlovy Vary's thermal springs and the settlement of Karlovy Vary town.  The place hosted the Emperor Charles IV, J. W. Goethe and many other important persons.

Bečov nad Teplou – the chateau and castle of Bečov have recently become famous for depositing the second most valuable treasure of the Czech Republic – the St. Maurus’s Reliquary. Take the opportunity and visit the beautiful interiors of the chateau and learn some history about this unique relic.


Those who would like to spend their time in Karlovy Vary actively are in for a treat.  Karlovy Vary and the nearby area is a Mecca for golfers.  Here, the golfers can find the highest concentration of golf courses in the Czech Republic.  And those not skilled to play golf may come to learn and discover the magic of this sport.

For all the playgrounds you will receive from the hotel discount to green fee.

Golf Resort Karlovy Vary – 18-hole course

One of the oldest golf courses in Bohemia and Central Europe, is located 5 km from the centre of Karlovy Vary. The course is host to a number of important European tournaments.

For more information visit www.golfresort.cz(link is external)

Astoria Golf Resort – 18-hole course

This "Scottish style" golf course has found many fans over its brief six years history.  In addition to 18 holes designed in a specific way, the course offers many training areas and 9-hole golf academy. For more information visit www.astoria-golf.com(link is external)

Golf & Racing Club Karlovy Vary – 18-hole course / 9 teeing grounds

The course is located in the centre of Karlovy Vary on the steeplechase track.  This interesting project allows golfers to play twice from each tee aiming for a different hole each time.

For more information visit www.racingclub.cz(link is external)

Golf Club Háje – 9-hole course

The course is located near the Stanovická Dam and is slightly hilly.  The course is interesting because of its ninth hole located on an island green.

For more information visit www.golfhaje.com(link is external)

Golf Club Sokolov – 18-hole course

The course is located 16 km from Karlovy Vary near Sokolov.  Even though it was built in an area of lands rebuilt after mining activity, it is one of the most sought after courses in the Czech Republic.

For more information visit www.golf-sokolov.cz(link is external)

Golf Resort Lázně Kynžvart – 18-hole course

The course is 32 km from Karlovy Vary. It was constructed in the year 2010 and designed by the famous golf designer Christopher Städler. It is located in a wonderful environment of the spa town and features a special, long drive across the fishpond on one of the holes.

For more information visit www.golfkynzvart.cz(link is external)

Golf Club Klášter Teplá – 9-hole course

A pleasant family course in the nature of Tepelská Highlands. Despite the short nine-hole course layout, it is amply visited.  The course is classed as slightly demanding.

For more information visit www.golftepla.cz(link is external)

Golf Club Luby – 9-hole course

The course is located 40 km from Karlovy Vary at the foot of the western part of Krušné (Ore) Mountains. Its location makes it a difficult course. The lookout tower is a local point of interest. You can view the whole course and the wider surroundings.

For more information visit www.golfluby.cz(link is external)

Royal Golf Club Mariánské Lázně – 18-hole course

A Bentley among the courses in the Karlovy Vary Region, it is one of the oldest in the Czech Republic. In short, this is where golf was born in this country. You should surely not miss this 18-hole course. Believe us, you will not be sorry.

For more information visit www.golfml.cz(link is external)

Golf Club Františkovy Lázně – 18-hole course

A slightly demanding course, which is located 55 km from Karlovy Vary sits right by the German border.  The golf resort was opened in 2002. After your game, you can use the services of Františkovy Lázně, just 5 km away from the resort.

For more information visit www.gr-fl.cz(link is external)

Go skiing

The vicinity of Krušné (Ore) Mountains is a chance to enjoy a stay in the spa town with one day mountain trips and other winter sports.

The Apartments no. 35 is the perfect starting point for your trips in search of culture, relaxation or new experience.